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Deepsea Anglerfishes, Whipnose Anglerfishes, Whipnose Anglers

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John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates & Douglass F. Hoese


Currently, 22 species of gigantactinids are recognised in two worldwide genera (Nelson 2006). The two Australian species, reviewed by Bertelsen & Pietsch (1983), belong to one genus. The Gigantactinidae were revised by Bertelsen, Pietsch & Lavenberg (1981).

Whipnose anglers are meso- and bathypelagic in habit. Recorded prey items include squid and crustaceans. Females are characterised by having a very long body and illicium. The free-living males are much smaller than the females, which may attain 41 cm in length.

The record of Gigantactis sp. by Whitley (1964: 58 (sp. no. 2294)) is a larva that is unidentifiable to species.


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