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Family EUPHAUSIIDAE Dana, 1850


Euphausiids are represented in Australian waters by eight genera and 54 species. The list of included species has been based, at least in part, on distributional data given by Mauchline & Fisher (1969), Mauchline (1980) and Brinton et al. (1999). I have also relied heavily on these authors for ecological information. Some species are included that occur in the Southern Ocean between Australia and Antarctica, even though this area may not be strictly within Australian Territorial waters. Two interesting papers on the tropical east Australian fauna are those of Tattersall (1936a, 1936b).

The authorship of the Euphausiidae has been widely attributed to Holt & Tattersall (1905), but the earliest use of the name is by Dana (1850: 130). Although Dana used the spelling `Euphausidae', the name in its corrected form, is an available name under the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1999). Holt & Tattersall (1905) were the first to recognise the subfamily Euphausiinae. Again, however, the authorship for the subfamily name must be attributed to Dana (1850).



Seventh and eighth thoracic legs with reduced number of segments or rudimentary (with exception of Thysanopoda that has seventh normally segmented but distinctly shorter). First to eighth thoracic legs bearing gills that are retained on last pair irrespective of degree of reduction. Gills on anterior thoracic legs with a single main branch; posterior gills having several branches. Males with inner rami of first and second pairs of pleopods modified to form a petasma and an appendix masculina, respectively. Bell-shaped luminescent organs present, typically one on each eyestalk, a pair on base of second and seventh thoracic appendages, and one ventrallly on the first four segments of abdomen between pleopods. (After Brinton et al. 1999).


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