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Superorder EUCARIDA Calman, 1904

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2002, - Peter Davie, Queensland Museum, Brisbane


The Superorder Eucarida comprises highly evolved and developed eumalacostracans. Although very diverse in form they are united by the presence of a complete carapace fused to all the thoracic segments to form a cephalothorax. The group includes the orders Euphausiacea (krill), the monotypic Amphionidacea, and the Decapoda (shrimps, lobsters, crabs, and allies).



Highly developed eumalocostracans having carapace fused dorsally with all thoracic somites; compound eyes located on movable stalks; protopodite of antenna consisting of 2 segments; adults without lacinia mobilis on mandibles; 0, 1 or 3 pairs of maxillipeds; telson without caudal rami; eggs usually attached to abdominal appendages, young typically developing with metamorphosis, free-swimming nauplius stage in primitive forms. (Modified after Moore 1969).


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