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<I>Kyphosus bigibbus</I>, holotype of <I>Kyphosus gibsoni</I>

Kyphosus bigibbus, holotype of Kyphosus gibsoni

<I>Kyphosus sydneanus</I>

Kyphosus sydneanus

<I>Kyphosus</I> species status uncertain, figure used for description of <I>Segutilum klunzingeri</I>

Kyphosus species status uncertain, figure used for description of Segutilum klunzingeri


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Drummers, Sea Chubs

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December 2006 - Douglass F. Hoese & Dianne J. Bray


Members of the Kyphosidae occur worldwide. Several Indo-Pacific species were revised in a series of papers by Sakai and Nakabo (1995, 2004, 2006, 2008), however the family was more recently revised on a global basis by Knudsen & Clements (2013). They recognise two genera and twelve species, with one genus and seven species recorded from Australian waters. A variety of common names are used for various species and, in Australia, kyphosids are usually referred to as drummers.

We follow Johnson (1984), Johnson & Fritsche (1989) and Knudsen & Clements (2013) in treating the family as distinct from the Scorpididae, Girellidae and Microcanthidae. Gosline (1985) reviewed the early classification of the groups. Nelson (2006) organised this diverse group as one family with five subfamilies Kyphosinae, Girellinae, Microcanthinae, Parascorpidinae and Scorpidinae. Australian workers have sometimes treated them as families (Gomon 2008) or as subfamilies (Hoese et al. 2006). Neira et al. (1997) described larvae of the groups recognising them as separate families. Molecular studies (Yagishita et al. 2002) did not find evidence for a single large Kyphosidae. Knudsen & Clements (2013) believed that a full taxonomic designation of Kyphosidae is currently not possible since molecular studies have shown that this would require a thorough morphological examination of up to eight closely related families (Knudsen & Clements 2013 p. 5). Consequently we revert here to the previous classification pending further studies.

Species of the genus Kyphosus are normally found in tropical and subtropical regions usually around coral or rocky reefs. Most species are herbivorous with diets consisting of a wide range of green, brown and red algae. The exception is K. ocyurus, an eastern Pacific species which is pelagic and omnivorous.

The species are morphologically very similar and misidentifications are common. This has led to confusion about distribution of the species and as a result the most recent revision of the family has shown that both Atlantic and Indo-Pacific species of Kyphosus are more widely distributed than previously recognised (Knudsen & Clements 2013). In addition to the revision by Knudsen & Clements (2013), temperate species are treated in Gomon et al. (1994) and Gomon (2008) and tropical species are treated by Kuiter (1996), Randall et al. (1997) and Sakai (2001).


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