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Genus Deveximentum Fowler, 1904



The name used here replaced the commonly used name Secutor. Kottelat (2013) noted that Secutor was apparently a replacement name for Equula Cuvier, 1815, which is now regarded as a synonym of Leiognathus with the type species as Equula equula by absolute tautonymy. He proposed using the name Deveximentum Fowler, 1904 for the genus typically referred to as Secutor. That would suggest that the type species as traditionally listed is incorrect for Secutor. Jordan (1919) interpreted the type species as Equula insidiator, which would retain Secutor as the appropriate name. He indicated that Gistel stated "Equula (E. insidiator, Fisch.) Secutor N.", possibly with the intention of only applying the name to a single species. Gistel (1848) proposed numerous replacement names for generic names that were spelled similarly. In those cases he typically mentioned the two generic names and replaced one of the names. In this case he actually listed a species, which led to the interpretation by Jordan (1919) that Secutor only applied to one species and was not a replacement name for Equula, an interpretation that can still be made. Tentatively we follow Kottelat (2013), treating Secutor as a synonym of Leiognathus because that usage has become accepted by some specialists on the group. Sparks & Chakrabarty (2015) followed Kottelat (2013). Unfortunately, the name Secutor has been in use for at least 50 years in Australia.




Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Indo-west Pacific.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Timor Transition (1), Northern Shelf Province (25), Northwest Shelf Transition (26), Northwest Shelf Province (27), Central Eastern Shelf Transition (39), Northeast Shelf Province (40), Northeast Shelf Transition (41)

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