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<I>Notocirrhitus splendens</I> from Norfolk Island

Notocirrhitus splendens from Norfolk Island


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The Cirrhitidae comprise 33 species belonging to 12 genera (Randall 2001). All except three Atlantic species occur in the tropical Indo-Pacific region. The Australian fauna numbers 12 species in eight genera.

Hawkfishes are inhabitants of coral or rocky reefs, occurring to depths of about 50 m. All are predators of small fishes and crustaceans except Cyprinocirrhites polyactis, which feeds on zooplankton. Cirrhitids are serranid-like fishes that live on the bottom, perched on coral heads or rocky outcrops. Distinctive features include tassel-like cirri at the tip of each dorsal spine and thickened lower pectoral rays. They are typically brown or reddish in colour with contrasting spots, stripes or bars. The maximum length of Australian species is 29 cm.

The hawkfishes were reviewed by Randall (1963) and diagnoses and colour illustrations are provided by Randall et al. (1990). Randall (2001) reviewed the generic classification, and provided a key to genera.


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