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Chaetodontids are conspicuous reef fishes distributed throughout all tropical and subtropical marine waters. Worldwide, there are 122 species in 11 genera (Allen 1980; Nelson 2006), with the Australian chaetodontid fauna consisting of 54 species in 10 genera, with an additional 5 species known from Chirstmas Island. Additional species have been recorded from Australia, but confirmation is needed for Chaetodon falcula and C. triangulum recorded by Grant (1965).

Butterflyfishes mostly inhabit coral reefs, but a few cool water species, such as species of Chelmonops of southern Australia, are found on rocky reefs. They mainly feed on algae and a variety of benthic and planktonic invertebrates, but several species feed exclusively on live coral polyps. They are perhaps the best known of all reef fishes due to their bright and varied colour patterns, graceful shape and movements. They are commercially important in the marine aquarium industry. The maximum length is about 32 cm, but most species are under 20–25 cm.

The Australian butterflyfishes have been treated in a number of scientific and semi-popular books and articles, including the works of Steene (1978), Allen et al. (1998) and Kuiter (2002). Many are also featured in the work on the Great Barrier Reef by Randall et al. (1990). The family has been reviewed by Burgess (1978) and Blum (1989) discussed relationships and biogeography of Indo-Pacific species. Bellwood et al. (2010) discussed evolution of the group.


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