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<I>Batrachomoeus dubius</I> from Sydney

Batrachomoeus dubius from Sydney


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Bastard Stonefish, Frogfishes, Toadfishes

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11 November 2015 - Dianne J. Bray, Gerald R. Allen, Norbert J. Cross, Douglass F. Hoese & Matthew M. Lockett

Gerald R. Allen, Norbert J. Cross & Douglass F. Hoese


Worldwide, the Batrachoididae comprise approximately 80 species in 23 genera (Nelson 2006; Eschmeyer & Fong 2011). The Australian frogfishes were revised by Hutchins (1976) who recognised two genera and eight species. Subsequently, an apparently introduced species was found in Australia. All but one of the Australian species are endemic. Greenfield (1999) treated some tropical Australian species. Greenfield et al. (2008) reviewed the generic classification. MIya et al. (2005) discussed relationships of the family.

Batrachoidids are widely distributed in most tropical and subtropical seas. One apparent introduction from North America is known. Batrachoidids generally inhabit coral reefs, sand or mud flats, estuaries and deeper offshore trawling grounds to depths of at least 180 m. Frogfishes are bottom dwellers that shelter in crevices or under rocks, or bury themselves in sand or mud. Their diet consists of benthic invertebrates and fishes. The maximum size for the Australian species is about 27 cm standard length.


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