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Serranidae: Anthiadinae

Serranidae: Anthiadinae


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Subfamily Anthiadinae

Basslets, Seaperches

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28 December 2011 - Gerald R. Allen, Douglass F. Hoese, Norbert J. Cross, Dianne J. Bray & Matthew M. Lockett

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Members of the subfamily Anthiadinae, usually known as basslets, are a diverse assemblage of fishes that some authors have recognised as a separate family. The name Anthiinae has typically been in use for this group, but recently shown not to be available and we follow van der Laan et al. (2018) in using the name Anthiadinae. The subfamily has a worldwide distribution in tropical, subtropical and temperate seas. Anderson (2018) recognised 29 genera and 226 species in the subfamily. Parenti & Randall (2020) recognised 29 genera and 231 species. In the Indo-Pacific region the group is represented by approximately 20 genera and over 170 species. In Australia and external territories, there are 18 genera and 86 described species inhabiting marine inshore waters and the continental shelf. A few species extend to the upper continental slope. Additional Australian material will include: an undescribed species of Caesioperca known from Cape Freycinet (34°04'S) to Rottnest Island (32°00'S), Western Australia; and a new species of Hypoplectrodes known from off New South Wales. We follow Nelson et al. (2016) and Anderson (2018) in including Acanthistius here rather than in the Serraninae. Craig & Hastings (2007) removed Acanthistius from the Serranidae.

Basslets live mainly on temperate rocky reefs and tropical coral reefs. They are carnivorous, with the larger benthic species feeding mainly on invertebrates and small fishes. Species of Pseudanthias, Caesioperca, Caprodon, Lepidoperca and Luzonichthys are frequently encountered in aggregations that feed on zooplankton high above the substratum. Sexual dichromatism, a harem social structure and sex-reversal are evident in most, if not all, of these five genera. The maximum total length is variable, ranging from 6–8 cm (in some Plectranthias) to about 75–80 cm.

There is no recent comprehensive review of the group, although Smith (1961) treated the western Indian Ocean species, Randall (1980) revised Plectranthias, Randall & McCosker (1992) revised Luzonichthys and Roberts (1989) revised Lepidoperca. Gill et al. (2021) revised Australian species of Plectranthias and Selenanthias. Allen & Starck (1982) provided diagnoses and illustrations of 17 species that occur on the Great Barrier Reef and Munro (1961) treated the majority of Australian temperate species. Many of the deep water species are treated by Katayama (1960). Relationships are discussed in Anderson et al. (1990) and Baldwin (1990) discussed relations within the subfamily. Anderson (2018) and Parenti & Randall (2020) presented checklists of the subfamily.


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