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<I>Atherinason hepsetoides</I>

Atherinason hepsetoides


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Hardyheads, Silversides, Whitebait

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10 May 2014 - John R. Paxton, Douglass F. Hoese, Jennifer E. Gates, Dianne J. Bray & Matthew M. Lockett

20 December 2006 - John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese


Approximately 29 genera and 156 species of atherinids are currently recognised worldwide, between 50°N and 50°S. Seven genera and 34 described species are recorded from Australian waters.

Hardyheads are pelagic and primarily marine, found in tropical and temperate coastal waters and estuaries. Freshwater species are known from Australia, New Guinea and particularly South America, where an extensive radiation has taken place. Planktonic crustaceans are the typical food. Hardyheads are mostly small, elongate fishes with small, usually cycloid scales and no lateral line. Two dorsal fins are widely separated and a silvery stripe is usually present. The mouth is small. Maximum length for the family is 61 cm, although no Australian species is known to exceed 12 cm.

The hardyheads or silversides were reviewed by Jordan & Hubbs (1919) and more recently revised by Schultz (1948), who also provided a key to genera. The Australian hardyheads were revised by Ivantsoff (1978) and with co-authors in various subsequent publications. In addition, Ivantsoff & Crowley (1999) treated most tropical species from Australia. Crowley & Ivantsoff (1992) provided a key to Craterocephalus. Crowley (1990) and Unmack (2010) discussed the biogeography of Craterocephalus. Kimura et al (2001, 2007) proposed a number of changes to names of Australian species. Their work conflicts considerably from studies by Australian workers, particularly for Atherinomorus. In some cases we have not followed their work, because of the limited material studied from Australia, in comparison with published studies by Australian workers.

Parenti (1993) and Dyer & Chernoff (1996) and Saeed et al. (1994) discussed relationships of atheriniform families. Various families and subfamilies have been recognised by these workers and Ivantsoff and co-workers. Nelson (2006) separated the genus Atherion from the Atherinidae into the family Atherionidae. Other workers (Sparks & Smith 2004) also recognise the family and we treat it separately. Bloom et al. (2012) suggested that the family might not be monophyletic, but noted limited support for that view.

Atherina jacksoniana Quoy & Gaimard, 1824 has a mistaken type locality; it is a South American species, not Australian (Ivantsoff 1978).

We thank W. Ivantsoff of Macquarie University for his assistance in preparing this family account.


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