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Nelson (1994, 2006) recognised three families in the order Albuliformes: the Albulidae, Halosauridae and Notacanthidae. Wang et al. (2003) who did not include halosaurs in their phylogeny, recognised the Albulidae and Notacanthidae as belonging to the Albuliformes. Inoue et al. (2004) included the halosaur Aldrovandia in their study and defined the Albuliformes as comprising the Albulidae, Halosauridae and Notacanthidae. Until relationships are further resolved, we follow Wiley & Johnson (2010) who agreed with Forey et al. (1996) in recognising the Albuliformes as comprising two families, the Albulidae and Pterothrissidae, and placed the Halosauridae and Notacanthidae in the order Notacanthiformes. Nelson et al. (2016) considered the Albuliformes as comprising the single family Albulidae, with two subfamilies, the Albulinae and the Pterothrissinae (confined to the eastern Atlantic and Japan). Smith (1984), Forey et al. (1996) and Nelson et al. (2006) discussed relationships of the group.

Members of the Albulidae occur in Australia, and species are found in coastal and freshwater habitats.


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