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Kamohara, T. 1961. Notes on the type specimens of fishes in my laboratory. Report of the USA Marine Biological Station 8(2): 1-9 pls 1-7

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA PINGUIPEDIDAE Neopercis mimaseana Kamohara, 1937 synonym Parapercis striolata (Weber, 1913) Type Data
CHORDATA BOTHIDAE Kamoharaia megastoma (Kamohara, 1936) Valid Name Kamoharaia megastoma (Kamohara, 1936) Introduction 7
CHORDATA TRIACANTHODIDAE Halimochirus uradoi Kamohara, 1933 synonym Macrorhamphosodes uradoi (Kamohara, 1933) Type Data 5
CHORDATA ARACANIDAE Aracana flavofasciata Kamohara, 1938 synonym Kentrocapros flavofasciatus (Kamohara, 1938) Type Data 6
CHORDATA TRIGLIDAE Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus Kamohara, 1936 Valid Name Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus Kamohara, 1936 Introduction 6, pl. 4, fig. 1

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