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Beu, A.G. 1981. Australian gastropods of the family Bursidae. Part 1. The families of Tonnacea, the genera of Bursidae, and revision of species previously assigned to Tutufa Jousseaume, 1881. Records of the Australian Museum 5 33: 248-324, figs 1-22

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE BURSIDAE Thiele, 1925 Valid Name BURSIDAE Thiele, 1925 Introduction 254
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Bufonaria Schumacher, 1817 Valid Name Bufonaria Schumacher, 1817 Introduction 260
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Bursa Röding, 1798 Valid Name Bursa Röding, 1798 Introduction 255
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Bursa (Bufonariella) latitudo wolfei Beu, 1891 synonym Tritonoranella latitudo (Garrard, 1961) Primary 289, figs 17a-f
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Bursa (Bufonariella) ranelloides humilis Beu, 1981 synonym Bursa humilis Beu, 1981 Primary 293, figs 1o, r; 2b; 4j; 5a; 18a-c, e
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Bursa humilis Beu, 1981 Valid Name Bursa humilis Beu, 1981 Introduction 293, figs 1o, r; 2b; 4j; 5a; 18a-c, e
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Tritonoranella latitudo (Garrard, 1961) Valid Name Tritonoranella latitudo (Garrard, 1961) Introduction 287, 16a-i; 189, figs 16a-f
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Tutufa Jousseaume, 1881 Valid Name Tutufa Jousseaume, 1881 Introduction 259
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Tutufa bubo (Linnaeus, 1758) Valid Name Tutufa bubo (Linnaeus, 1758) Introduction 277, figs 2d, 4a, 11b, 12f, 13, 14a, c-d
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Tutufa bufo (Röding, 1798) Valid Name Tutufa bufo (Röding, 1798) Introduction 272
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Tutufa oyamai Habe, 1973 Valid Name Tutufa oyamai Habe, 1973 Introduction 283, figs 1f, i, l, q, 2e, 4b-f, 15d-i
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Tutufa rubeta (Linnaeus, 1758) Valid Name Tutufa rubeta (Linnaeus, 1758) Introduction 280, figs 1b, c, e, j, k; 3; 4g-i; 5d, e; 7; 9c; 12b-e; 14d
MOLLUSCA BURSIDAE Tutufa tenuigranosa (E.A. Smith, 1914) Valid Name Tutufa tenuigranosa (E.A. Smith, 1914) Introduction 285, figs 15a, c
MOLLUSCA CASSIDAE Phaliinae Beu, 1981 synonym PHALIINAE Beu, 1981 Primary 252

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