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Family ZODARIIDAE Thorell, 1881

Ant Spiders

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2012 - Dr Barbara Baehr, Queensland Museum, Brisbane

Valerie Todd Davies (including the Lycosidae by R.J. McKay), Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Medium to large, 3-clawed hunting spiders, usually ground living. Zodariids are widespread in Australia, occurring in both dry desert areas and in the rainforests of eastern Australia. They are often active during the day. Many are dark brown with a pattern of white or yellow spots or stripes.


Excluded Taxa


Zodariidae: Macedoniola punctata (Butler, 1932) [Incertae sedis]



Six spinnerets, anterior long, median and posterior reduced. Serrula absent, or at least not seen at x50 magnification. Promargin of chelicera with one or two teeth, retromargin none. Eight eyes, both rows usually strongly procurved. High clypeus. One row trichobothria on metatarsi and tarsi.


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