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2012 - Updated by Dr Robert Raven, Queensland Museum, Brisbane, with families by Dr Barbara Baehr, Queensland Museum, Brisbane, and Dr Helen Smith, Australian Museum, Sydney, as indicated for each of these.


The Araneomorphae are the most speciose and morphologically diverse of the spiders. They include some of the least developed spiders through to the highly socially interactive and sighted Jumping spiders of the family Salticidae.


Excluded Taxa


AUSTROCHILIDAE Zapfe, 1955 [Restricted to South America; previously recorded from Australia to include the genus Hickmania, however Kulkarni & Hormiga (2021) found the genus to be more closely related to those in the family Gradungulidae and reassigned Hickmania to that family] — Kulkarni, S. & Hormiga, G. 2021. Hooroo mates! Phylogenomic data suggest that the closest relatives of the iconic Tasmanian cave spider Hickmania troglodytes are in Australia and New Zealand, not in South America. Invertebrate Systematics 2021 35: 850-856



Spiders with transverse or diagonal fang action with terminal spinnerets and abdomen lacking external segmentation.


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