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Tribe Xanthorhoini Pierce, 1914


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The fauna of the Xanthorhoini is rich and diverse in Australasia amd most likely contains both basally derived and more recently evolved elements, and a number of endemic taxa (Schmidt 2005). The following researchers have made important contributions to defining the tribe: Forbes 1948; McGuffin 1958; Herbulot 1961-62; Heitzman & Enns 1978; Hodges et al. 1983; Holloway 1986, 1997; Patočka 1995; McQuillan & Edwards 1996; Viidalepp 1996; and Leraut 1997. However the concept of the tribe remains relatively unresolved (Schmidt 2005).



Schmidt (2005) proposed the following synapomorphies from male genitalia for the tribe: 1) reduction in A7, 2) broad eversible coremata positioned dorso-laterally on A7, 3) absence of basal processes at costa valva, 4) presence of calcar or rudiments fused with juxta medially, 5) somewhat rod-shaped sclerites or derivates, or rudiments at juxta laterally. Also the presence of a median band forming a projection distally, and wavy bands in the forewing are characteristic, but are also found in some other larentiine tribes.


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