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Subfamily Larentiinae Duponchel, 1845


The Australian Larentiinae were revised by Meyrick (1890) and by Turner (1904, 1907). Turner reviewed the subfamily again in 1922. A part of the subfamily was treated in Seitz's Macrolepidoptera of the World by L.B. Prout (1939) but this was never finished. The most recent list of the world fauna is in Scoble (1999) but the Australian species have not been reviewed since Turner (1922). Turner described many species subsequently and listed the Tasmanian species in Turner (1926b). Craw (1986, 1987) revised the New Zealand species of Notoreas Meyrick and Helastia Guenée and these have relevance to some some Australian groups. More recently Schmidt (2001, 2002, 2005) has revised the genera Anachloris Meyrick, Chaetolopha Warren, Parachaetolopha Schmidt and Scotocyma Turner in a series of papers.

This sub-family becomes increasingly dominant in the geometrid fauna with increasing latitude, and with increasing altitude in the tropics (Holloway 1998). Correspondingly, the Larentiinae are diverse in montane areas in temperate (Common 1990) and tropical areas of Australasia (Holloway 1987, 1997) with 2520 species described to date (Scoble 1999).


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