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<I>Trygonoptera testacea</I>

Trygonoptera testacea


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Previously about 40 species are recognised worldwide in the Urolophidae (Last & Stevens 1994). Recently Urotrygon and Urobatis from the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic oceans were separated into a separate family Urotrygonidae. Consequently 28 species are now recognised in the family (Last & Stevens 2009, Last et al 2016). In Australia, 21 described species are known in the two genera Urolophus and Trygonoptera.

Stingarees are benthic rays that occur in estuaries and on the shelf and upper continental slope. Food items include worms and crustaceans. Urolophids have round, flattened discs and a well-developed caudal fin on a relatively short tail, thus differing from the similar stingrays of the family Dasyatidae. One or more venomous barbs are present on the tail. Maximum length attained is about 1 m.

The stingarees have not been revised since Bigelow & Schroeder (1953) summarised the family. Many authors consider the urolophids as a subfamily of dasyatids. Nelson (1994) recognised the genera Urolophus and Urobatis. Subsequently, Trygonoptera was recognised as distinct from Urolophus. Urobatis and Urotrygon from the western hemisphere were placed in a separate family, Urotrygonidae, by Last & Compagno (1999). McKay (1966) reviewed the 10 Australian species recognised at that time and Last & Gomon (1987) described several new Australian species. Tropical species from Australia are treated in Last & Stevens (1994, 2009), Last & Compagno (1999) and Séret & Last (2003) All species are treated by Last et al. (2016).

Urolophus aurantiacus Müller & Henle, 1841 was described from Victoria, Tasmania and Japan, but the name is currently in use for a species from the north-west Pacific and is not applied to any in the Australian fauna. Usage of the name in Australia appears to be a misidentification of Urolophus sufflavus Whitley.


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