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Family TETRAGNATHIDAE Menge, 1866

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30 March 2006 - Valerie Todd Davies (1984, including the Lycosidae by R.J. McKay); B.J. Richardson & Marek Zabka (Salticidae); Robert J. Raven (2006, updated and expanded); Nephila updated May 2008


Like many araneoids, the Tetragnathinae build circular or orb webs and the webs are often hung in an inclined (rather than vertical) position near or over water. The relationships of the groups are in flux but many Tetragnathidae have trichobothria on femora I-IV. The spiders are found world-wide in diverse habitats, and often associated with water.



The Tetragnathidae belong to the superfamily Araneoidea in which they are unusual in having a highly simplified male palpal bulb and long flexible metatarsi.


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