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November 2022 - C. J. Byrne, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery


There have been several changes to the higher-order classification of the Stenomatinae as taxonomic knowledge of the group has accumulated. Previously the subfamily was often classified as a separate family of the Gelechioidea (as Stenomidae) (Meyrick 1906, Duckworth 1964) but in 1978, Hodges associated it with the Xyloryctinae (now elevated to family), both as subfamilies of the Oecophoridae. Then Minet, in 1990, proposed a greatly expanded Elachistidae of eight subfamilies, including the Stenomatinae. Hodges (1998), Kaila (2004) and Zhang (2011) all followed Minet's classification of the Stenomatinae, although Kaila was tentative in this assignment. Recent studies based on both molecular and morphological data have now tended to treat the subfamily under the Depressariidae (Heikkila et al. 2014, Sohn et al. 2016, Wang and Li 2020) albeit with some hesitancy because of some instability in relationships, possibly due to insufficient taxon sampling.


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