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Species Sarcocystis falcatula Stiles, 1893


Extra Distribution Information

Zoo, aviary USA

Ecological Descriptors

Parasitic (host(s): Barnardius zonarius (Shaw, 1805) [PSITTACIDAE] Australian Ringneck (various tissues); Melopsittacus undulatus (Shaw, 1805) [PSITTACIDAE] Budgerigar (various tissues); Nymphicus hollandicus (Kerr, 1792) [CACATUIDAE] Cockateil (various tissues); Eclectus roratus (Müller, 1776) [PSITTACIDAE] Eclectus Parrot (various tissues); Callocephalon fimbriatum (Grant, 1803) [CACATUIDAE] Gang-gang Cockatoo (various tissues); Platycercus caledonicus (Gmelin, 1788) [PLATYCERCIDAE] Green Rosella (various tissues); Probosciger aterrimus (Gmelin, 1788) [CACATUIDAE] Palm Cockatoo (various tissues); Cacatua leadbeateri (Vigors, 1831) [CACATUIDAE] Pink Cockatoo, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Leadbeater’s Cockatoo (various tissues); Purpureicephalus spurius (Kuhl, 1820) [PLATYCERCIDAE] Red-capped Parrot (various tissues); Cacatua galerita (Latham, 1790) [CACATUIDAE] Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (various tissues)).

Associated Fauna References

Hillyer, E.V., Anderson, M.P., Greiner, E.C., Atkinson, C.T. & Frenkel, J.K. 1991. An outbreak of Sarcocystis in a collection of psittacines. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 22: 434-445 (Cacatua leadbeateri; Purpureicephalus spurius; Barnardius zonarius; Melopsittacus undulatus; Callocephalon fimbriatum; Nymphicus hollandicus; Cacatua galerita; Probosciger aterrimus; Platycercus caledonicus; Eclectus roratus)

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Page, C.D., Schmidt, R.E., English, J.H., Gardinaer, C.H., Hubbard, G.B. & Smith, G.C. 1992. Antemortem diagnosis and treatment of sarcocystosis in two species of psittacines. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 23: 77-85 (Eclectus roratus)


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