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The Squalidae currently comprise two genera and 23 species (Last & Stevens 2009). Both genera and 12 described species are known from Australia and one additional species from Norfolk Island.

The dogfishes occur worldwide in tropical and temperate waters and are commonly trawled from the continental shelf and slope. In New South Wales, these sharks are extremely abundant in trawl samples from depths over 100 m. Some species occur at depths of over 2000 m. The species are best known from temperate areas, but few trawl collections have been made in tropical areas of the Indo-Pacific. Previously, the Australian species were thought to be widespread (Compagno 1984), but, recent studies have shown that many of the species are restricted to the Australian region (Last et al. 2007).

Little is known of their biology. Some species segregate by sex and some species are luminous and, as far as is known, these dogfishes are ovoviviparous and prey on other fishes, invertebrates and marine mammals. Maximum size is around 1.2 m. The Australian dogfishes are generally less than 1 m in length.

The dogfishes have not been revised thoroughly worldwide. Compagno (1984) treated all described species known at the time. Most works are restricted to particular geographical areas (see Fowler 1941; Bigelow & Schroeder 1948; Garrick 1960; Bass et al. 1976). Australian species are treated by Last et al. (2007) and Last & Stevens (2009). All species are treated by Compagno et al. (2005).


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