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The order Squaliformes includes sharks of coastal and deepwater benthopelagic species (Compagno 1984). The order comprises seven families are currently recognised. Nelson (1994) recognised four families. The Dalatiidae, Centrophoridae and Squalidae have been combined previously in the family Squalidae (see Compagno & Niem 1998). Hatooka (2002) recognised the following families in the group: Echinorhinidae, Etmopteridae, Somniosidae, Oxynotidae, Dalatiidae, Centrophoridae and Squalidae. Compagno et al. (2005) recognised the subfamilies Dalatiinae, Etmopterinae, Oxynotinae and Somniosinae as separate families. Nelson (2006) also recognised these groups as separate families and that classification is followed here.


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