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<em>Arctides antipodarum</em>

Arctides antipodarum

<em>Ibacus peronii</em>

Ibacus peronii

<em>Scyllarus martensii</em>

Scyllarus martensii

<em>Thenus orientalis</em>

Thenus orientalis


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Family SCYLLARIDAE Latreille, 1825

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May 2012 - Peter Davie, Queensland Museum, Brisbane



Members of this family are commonly referred to as 'Slipper Lobsters'. They are typically bottom-dwelling, and found from shallow inshore waters out onto the continental slope to nearly 500 metres depth. Some such as Thenus and Ibacus species are more typically soft bottom inhabitants, which allows them to be trawled easily, but others such as the large Scyllarides, Arctides and Parribacus species live in caves and crevices on reefs, and are encountered mainly by SCUBA divers. Species of Thenus (Moreton Bay Bugs) and Ibacus (Balmain Bug) are of considerable economic importance, particularly to the east coast fishery.

The most important works dealing with the Australian fauna are: Holthuis (1991), Brown & Holthuis (1998), and Holthuis (2002). Holthuis (1996) provided an interesting historical account of the Scyllaridae collected during the 1800–1804 French Expedition to Australia including the original figures of Leseur and notes by Péron.



Small to moderately large lobsters. Body often strongly depressed, carapace laterally angular, rostrum absent or minute; eyes small but distinct and pigmented, enclosed within distinct orbits; no large frontal horns. Antennae short, broad, extremely flattened and plate or scale-like; antennules short and slender, with short flagella. All pereiopods similar in size and non-chelate (except Scyllarus cultrifer which has pereiopods 3 and 4 subchelate). Abdomen and tailfan well developed and powerful; posterior half of tailfan soft and flexible. (After Chan 1998).


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