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Family SCENOPINIDAE Burmeister, 1835

Window Flies

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October 2011 - Scott Ginn, Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia


Scenopinidae is a family of flies known from some 400 species worldwide. The family is well represented in Australia with 86 species currently described. Of the six genera represented in the Australian fauna, four genera (Neopseudatrichia, Paramonova, Paratrichia and Riekiella) are endemic. Scenopinid specimens are often encountered at windows of buildings, thus giving rise to their common name 'Window Flies'. In more natural habitat, specimens are often taken when sweep-netting flowers. Despite having a relatively rich fauna, the family is somewhat poorly represented in institutional collections. This may be because specimens are overlooked in the field, due to the small size of the insects. Most species are known only from their type-locality, suggesting under-collecting and/or localized endemicity.

Paramonov (1955) wrote the first review of the Australian Scenopinidae. Subsequently, Kelsey published extensively on the group, describing many of the currently known Australian species (1969, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1980, 1987). More recently, several new Australian species have been described (Winterton 2008; Winterton & Woodley 2009).

Several cosmopolitan species occur within the Australian limits — Scenopinus fenestralis, Scenopinus glabifrons, Scenopinus lucidus and Scenopinus papuanus.

Knowledge of the biology of the family Scenopinidae in Australia is poor. Paramonov (1955) reported the larvae to be carnivorous, possibly feeding on larvae of moths and psocids in homes, which would explain their regular occurence at window sills. Larvae may also feed on tree fungi. In Europe, the larvae of the cosmopolitan Scenopinus fenestralis have been associated with trees, decaying wood, horse hair in a mattress, bird's nests and in carpet.


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