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Softnose Skates

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18 October 2011 - Douglass F. Hoese


Some workers recognise a single Order Rajiformes for the skates and rays (Batoidei). We follow Nelson (2006) in recognising the main groups as separate orders, but also follow Compagno & Last (1999), Serena (2005) and Ebert & Compagno (2007) in also recognising the Rhinobatifomres as separate from the Rajiformes. The family classification within the order follow Last & Stevens (2009). Three families are known from Ausralia and all are morphologically very similar differing mainly in internal anatomy and pelvic fin structure.

Compagno (1973), Nishida (1990) and McEachran & Dunn (1998) discussed relationships.

The group occurs worldwide in marine and estuarine environements to marine environments to depths of over 3000 m. Some species occur in freshwater.


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