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Family RAGADIDAE Sinclair, 2016

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October 2020 - Dan Bickel, Australian Museum


The Ragadidae belong in the complex superfamily Empidoidea. Described as a subfamily of Empididae (Sinclair 2016) with uncertain position. Elevated to family status by Wahlberg & Johanson (2018) based on genetic differences.They are distinguished by details of wing venation, male genitalic structure, and mouthpart morphlogy.

Worldwide, the Ragadidae comprise two subfamilies which in seven genera are included. Only two genera are found in Australia, Anthepiscopus in the Iteaphilinae and Hydropeza in the Ragadinae


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10-Nov-2020 EMPIDOIDEA Latreille, 1804 22-Oct-2020 MODIFIED Max Beatson (AM)
01-Feb-2019 DIPTERA Linnaeus, 1758 11-Jan-2019 MODIFIED