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<em>Scylla serrata</em> [from Rüppel 1830]

Scylla serrata [from Rüppel 1830]


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Subfamily Portuninae Rafinesque, 1815


Taxonomic Decision for Synonymy



Specimens thought to represent the genus Cavoportunus Nguyen & Ng, 2010 have been found in Australian waters and have been identified to species level as Cavoportunus dubius (Laurie, 1906) - from images obtained from the NORFANZ Biological Survey, 2003.



Carapace subhexagonal, usually distinctly to much broader than long, rarely subcircular; 4–9 pairs of anterolateral teeth. Basal antennal segment usually broad, elongate, lying obliquely, with anterolateral lobe not filling orbital hiatus; antennal peduncle and flagellum standing in orbit. Chelipeds longer than ambulatory legs, bearing a set of spines on merus, carpus and palm; last pair of legs with paddle-shaped propodi and dactyli. Male first gonopod without subterminal spines. (After Apel & Spiridonov 1998).


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