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<em>Stereomastis nana</em> [from de Man 1916: pl. 1 fig. 2]

Stereomastis nana [from de Man 1916: pl. 1 fig. 2]


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Family POLYCHELIDAE Wood-Mason, 1875

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July 2017 - Shane Ahyong, Australian Museum; Peter Davie, Queensland Museum, Brisbane


The peculiar looking crustaceans grouped in this small family are known collectively as 'blind lobsters' because their eyes are greatly reduced and non-pigmented. They are found only in deep water from about 200 to more than 2000 metres. Four genera occur in Australian waters. They were studied by Griffin & Stoddart (1995), Galil (2000) and Ahyong (2012). Ahyong (2009) reviewed the systematics and phyogeny of the family, and resurrected Stereomastis from synonymy with Polycheles.



Small to moderate-sized, more or less flattened, deep water lobsters. Carapace with rostrum lacking or rudimentary; eyes small, cornea lacking pigmentation; antennae fine, shorter than body length. First four pairs of pereiopods chelate; first pair long, relatively slender, chelae swollen. Tailfan entirely calcified; telson pointed. (After Chan 1998).


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