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Holotype of <I>Parascyllium ferrugineum</I>

Holotype of Parascyllium ferrugineum


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Australian Cat Sharks, Australian Catsharks, Collar Carpetsharks

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The Parascylliidae comprise two genera and eight species (Compagno 2001; Compagno et al. 2005). One genus, Parascyllium, and five species are known only from Australia. Members of the other genus, Cirrhoscyllium, are from the north-west Pacific (Goto & Nakaya 1996). Parascylliids are known from inshore and continental shelf soft bottom habitats, extending to 435 m. Maximum size is around 91 cm. Last & Stevens (1994, 2009) treat the Australian species.

Compagno (1973, 1984, 2001) divided the traditionally recognised Orectolobidae into six families (Brachaeluridae, Ginglymostomatidae, Hemiscylliidae, Orectolobidae, Parascylliidae and Stegostomatidae). Those works and Nelson (1994) are followed here.


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