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<I>Abyssianira bathyalis</I>

Abyssianira bathyalis


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Family PARAMUNNIDAE Vanhöffen, 1914

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5 March 2012 - Kelley Merrin, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria


Wilson's (1980) review is valuable, but he incorrectly referred to the family as Pleurogoniidae. The family concept was revised by Just (1990). Just & Wilson (2004, 2006, 2007) revised several paramunnid genera, and Just (2009a, b) described two new monotypic genera. Just & Wilson (2021) recorded an additional two genera from Australian waters and reported a third, Boreosignum, from Jervis Bay, NSW, but were unable to assign a specific name to the specimen. There are 13 genera known from Australia with 40 species described. The diagnosis is adapted from Wilson (1980).



Body broad, ovate, often with laterally projecting tergal and epimeral plates. Pleonite 1 free from remaining pleotelson. Head recessed into pereonite 1; eyes, if present, on lateral projections. Antenna 1 with at least 6 articles, with terminal aesthetasc. Antenna 2 shorter than body, reflexed laterally between peduncular articles 4 and 5; scale present or absent. Mandibular palp absent short or absent. Pereopod 1 prehensile, pereopods 2–7 ambulatory. Male pleopod 1 sagittate. Penes entering sperm duct internally. Uropod tiny, biramous or uniramous, peduncle usually absent. Anus covered by pleopods.


General References

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