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<em>Pagurus hedleyi</em> [from Miers 1884: pl. 28 fig. C]

Pagurus hedleyi [from Miers 1884: pl. 28 fig. C]


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Family PAGURIDAE Latreille, 1802


The Paguridae is the most speciose family of 'hermit crabs' on a worldwide basis, but interestingly, in Australian waters it has little more than one third the number of species in the Diogenidae. Species are found in all oceans, and from a variety of habitats and depths. Most species are relatively small in size, and, despite considerable attention in recent years, the Australian fauna can still be considered quite poorly known.

A selection of the most important papers dealing with the Australian fauna includes: Gunn & McLaughlin (1988); Gunn & Morgan (1992); Haig & Ball (1988); McLaughlin (1981, 1994); McLaughlin & Haig (1984, 1989); McLaughlin & Lemaitre (1993); Morgan (1987, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993); and de Saint Laurent & McLaughlin (2000).



Carapace and body paguroid in form ('hermit crabs'). Carapace narrow, posterior part usually membranous and soft. Antennular flagellum ending in a filament. First maxillipeds with distinct flagellum. Third maxillipeds widely separated basally, with large sternite; ischium usually with crista dentata developed; accessory tooth present or absent. Chelipeds unequal with right the larger, or sometimes subequal. Second and third pereiopods cylindrical; fourth and fifth reduced, one or both chelate, subchelate, or semichelate. Abdomen soft, imperfectly segmented, usually twisted and without distinct calcified tergal plates. Males usually with three or four unpaired left pleopods, occasionally all pleopods absent; frequently with paired or unpaired sexual tubes protruding from coxae of fifth pereiopods. Females usually with three, four or five (rarely three) unpaired left pleopods, occasionally with a pair of pleopods on first abdominal segment. Telson usually with median constriction, lateral terminal margins usually with median cleft. Uropods present, usually asymmetrical, modified as holdfasts. Gills usually typically composed of 11 pairs of phyllobranchiae (10 arthrobranchiae and 1 pleurobranchia of fourth pereiopod), rarely 9, 10 or 13 pairs. (After Miyake 1978; and P.A. McLaughlin, pers. comm.).


General References

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