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Genus Orthezia Bosc, 1784


ID Keys

(Williams, D.J. & Watson, G.W., 1990) [38] (female; genera of Ortheziidae of the South Pacific region); (Danzig, E.M., 1988) [695] (female; Ortheziidae genera of the Far East of the USSR); (Yang, P.L., 1982) [14] (female; Ortheziidae genera of China); (Kosztarab, M. & Kozár, F., 1978) [10] (female; genera of Ortheziidae); (Tereznikova, E.M., 1975) [111] (female; Ortheziidae genera of the Ukraine); (Danzig, E.M., 1971) [806] (female; key to genera of Ortheziidae); (Morrison, H., 1925) [102] (adult female; genera of Ortheziinae); (Green, E.E., 1922) [417] (adult female; genera of the subfamily Ortheziinae); (MacGillivray, A.D., 1921) [110] (adult female; as Douglasia; genera of Ortheziinae)



There are no truly indigenous species in the Afrotropical, Oriental, and Australasian Regions and the known species are predominantly Nearctic and Neotropical in distribution and only secondarily Palaearctic (see Morrison, H. 1925. Classification of scale insects of the subfamily Ortheziinae. Journal of Agricultural Research 30: 97–154).


Adult female external covering made up of definite and usually sharply segregated tufts of waxy secretions. Body is more or less distinctly oval, often broadly rounded posteriorly and tapering anteriorly. Larva body is oval, adult males elongate, slender (see Morrison, H. 1925. Classification of scale insects of the subfamily Ortheziinae. Journal of Agricultural Research 30: 97–154).


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