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Species Ophiactis abyssicola (M. Sars, 1861)

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2012 - Tim O'Hara, Museum Victoria, Carlton, Victoria, Australia


Generic Combinations

  • Ophiactis abyssicola (M. Sars, 1861).


Miscellaneous Literature Names




New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria

Extra Distribution Information

Arctic, East Atlantic, Indo-Pacific, North Atlantic, South Africa, South Pacific

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Tasmania Province (10), Southeast Transition (11), Central Eastern Province (12), Lord Howe Province (14), Norfolk Island Province (21), Macquarie Island Province (24), Tasmanian Shelf Province (36), Southeast Shelf Transition (37), West Tasmania Transition (9)

Other Regions

Australian Antarctic Territory

Ecological Descriptors

Abyssal plain, benthic, continental shelf, continental slope, marine.


General References

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