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Genus Ochrogaster Herrich-Schäffer, [1855]


General References

Edwards, E.D. 1996. Notodontidae (Ceruridae). pp. 272-274, 366-367 in Nielsen, E.S., Edwards, E.D. & Rangsi, T.V. (eds). Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia. Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera. Collingwood : CSIRO Publishing Vol. 4 xiv 529 pp. & CD-ROM. [272] (Note #510: Teara Walker, 1855: There has been confusion in teh application of this name in the literature. The correct type species is Teara contraria Walker, 1855, designated by Kirby in July 1892 (Kirby 1892). The species Teara variegata Walker, 1855 was designated by Swinhoe subsequent to October 1892 (Swinhoe 1892). Kirby's earlier designation must take priority. Note #511: Adelaidina Kiriakov, 1969: The taxon Ochrogaster lunifer Herrich-Schäffer, [1855], as used here includes a complex of species. They differ in details of the genitalia, characters of the larva and larval behaviour and foodplant. These characters have not, however, been correlated into any satisfactory pattern. Most, or all, the species exhibit a large range of variation in the fascies of the adult and most names listed here have been given to different morphs. Kiriakoff (1969) differentiated Adelaidina dispar Kiriakoff, 1969 on the basis of larval behaviour, genitalia and wing venation. The holotype has the wings partly expanded and the wing venation may be unreliable as the character varies within a series. The larval behaviour described applies to most of the coastal populations of southeastern Australia where many of the earlier holotypes originated. In view of the doubt as to the application of all the species-group names they have been placed together until a thorough, field-based revision is attempted. The one species clearly differentiated on adult characters has no available name)


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