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<i>Hylaeora eucalypti</i> Doubleday, [1849] (Notodontidae)

Hylaeora eucalypti Doubleday, [1849] (Notodontidae)


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Family NOTODONTIDAE Stephens, 1829

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1 April 2011 - David Britton after (Edwards, E.D., 1996)

  • Ceruridae.



[updated from Edwards, 1996: 272]

The Notodontidae have traditionally included the subfamilies Thaumetopoeinae and Notodontinae but these were sometimes accorded family status. Miller (1991) divided the family into eight subfamilies. The composition of many of these subfamilies remains uncertain as the features most useful in their definition are characters of the early stages and unknown for many genera. Here the subfamilies Thaumetopoeinae and Notodontinae are retained and the Pygaerinae recognised until the Australian genera can be studied in more detail.

The Indoaustralian Notodontinae were treated in Setiz's Macrolepidoptera of the World by Gaede (1930), but the Thaumetopoeinae were included as part of the Lymantriidae in this work by Strand (1929). The world fauna of Notodontinae and Thaumetopoeinae were listed in Lepidopterorum Catalogus by Gaede (1934) and Kiriakoff (1970). The Notodontinae of the Indoaustralian region were treated in Genera Insectorum by Kiriakoff (1968). Although Kiriakoff's volumes are recent many taxonomic problems were unresolved. Edwards (1996) resolved many nomenclatural issues within the family and proposed a number of new synonymies.

The Australian fauna was revised by Turner (1922) who subsequently described a few more genera and species.


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