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Family OLPIIDAE Banks, 1895

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Mark S. Harvey, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


This is a large family of small to large pseudoscorpions distributed in most parts of the world and found in a variety of habitats. Currently over 50 genera and over 320 species are recognised (Harvey 1991), placed in two subfamilies: Olpiinae and Garypininae. Both subfamilies are represented in the Australian fauna. The family is not supported by any synapomorphies (Harvey 1992), and may be paraphyletic.



Olpiids differ from Menthidae by the lack of specialised condylar articulation joint between coxae II and III, the presence of a venom apparatus in both chelal fingers, and adults with, at most, eight trichobothria on the fixed chelal finger and hand.


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