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Superfamily GARYPOIDEA Simon, 1879

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Mark S. Harvey, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Most modern authors have traditionally included three families within the Garypoidea: Garypidae, Olpiidae and Menthidae. Harvey (1986) added the Geogarypidae, which was previously treated as a subfamily of the Garypidae. He later (Harvey 1992) added the newly formed Larcidae, as well as the Cheiridiidae and Pseudochiridiidae, which were previously placed in the Cheiridioidea along with the Sternophoridae. Harvey (1992) also removed the Opliidae and Menthidae to the Olpioidea, placing the Garypoidea as the sister-group to the Olpioidea within the micro-order Mestommatina. Although larcids are absent from the Australian fauna, the remaining four families are all represented.



The Garypoidea, as defined by Harvey (1992), differ from other pseudoscorpions by the combined possession of a subtriangular carapace, anterior margin of carapace sinuate, eyes set away from the anterior margin of the carapace, abdomen subovate, and vestitural setae curved (subsequently lost in some Garypidae, including the Australian Synsphyronus).


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