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CAVS: 2625

Species Morelia spilota (Lacépède, 1804)

Carpet Python, Diamond Python

Generic Combinations

  • Morelia spilota (Lacépède, 1804).




Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Continental Australia, except southern VIC and arid centre and west; Extra-limital in New Guinea

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Vic, WA: Arnhem Coast (ARC), Arnhem Plateau (ARP), Avon Wheatbelt (AW), Brigalow Belt North (BBN), Brigalow Belt South (BBS), Broken Hill Complex (BHC), Central Arnhem (CA), Channel Country (CHC), Central Mackay Coast (CMC), Coolgardie (COO), Cobar Peneplain (CP), Cape York Peninsula (CYP), Daly Basin (DAB), Darwin Coastal (DAC), Desert Uplands (DEU), Darling Riverine Plains (DRP), Einasleigh Uplands (EIU), Esperance Plains (ESP), Eyre Yorke Block (EYB), Flinders Lofty Block (FLB), Geraldton Sandplains (GS), Gulf Coastal (GUC), Hampton (HAM), Jarrah Forest (JF), Mallee (MAL), Murray Darling Depression (MDD), Mulga Lands (ML), Nandewar (NAN), New England Tablelands (NET), Northern Kimberley (NK), NSW North Coast (NNC), NSW South Western Slopes (NSS), Pine Creek (PCK), Riverina (RIV), Sydney Basin (SB), South East Corner (SEC), South Eastern Highlands (SEH), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ), Swan Coastal Plain (SWA), Tiwi Cobourg (TIW), Victoria Bonaparte (VB), Warren (WAR), Wet Tropics (WT)

Ecological Descriptors

Arboreal, closed forest, low open shrubland, low open woodland, low woodland, nocturnal, open forest, open heath, open scrub, oviparous, predator, tall forest, tall open shrubland, tall shrubland, terrestrial, woodland.

Extra Ecological Information

General carnivore, constrictor.


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