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McDowell, S.B. 1975. A catalogue of the snakes of New Guinea and the Solomons, with special reference to those in the Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Part II. Anilioidea and Pythoninae. Journal of Herpetology 9: 1-79

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA PYTHONIDAE Liasis fuscus Peters, 1873 Valid Name Liasis fuscus Peters, 1873 Introduction
CHORDATA PYTHONIDAE Liasis olivaceus Gray, 1842 Valid Name Liasis olivaceus Gray, 1842 Introduction
CHORDATA PYTHONIDAE Morelia Gray, 1842 Valid Name Morelia Gray, 1842 Distributions
CHORDATA PYTHONIDAE Morelia spilota (Lacépède, 1804) Valid Name Morelia spilota (Lacépède, 1804) Introduction
CHORDATA PYTHONIDAE Morelia variegata Gray, 1842 Type Species subsequent designation Morelia Gray, 1842
CHORDATA PYTHONIDAE Morelia viridis (Schlegel, 1872) Valid Name Morelia viridis (Schlegel, 1872) Introduction
CHORDATA PYTHONIDAE PYTHONIDAE Fitzinger, 1826 Valid Name PYTHONIDAE Fitzinger, 1826 Introduction 30

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