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<i>Melanetettix semeraroae</i> Knight & Fletcher, type species of <i>Melanetettix</i> Knight & Fletcher.

Melanetettix semeraroae Knight & Fletcher, type species of Melanetettix Knight & Fletcher.


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Genus Melanetettix Knight & Fletcher, 2007

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6 August 2013 - Murray J. Fletcher

17 June 2011 - Murray J. Fletcher



This genus of 23 species was only recently described. It is primarily New Guinean with species radiating westward into Indonesia and eastward into the Solomon Islands. One species from China was added by Li et al. (2011). The type species, extends southwards into North Queensland. The genus name was derived from "Melanesia" in which region the species is primarily distributed, combined with "tettix", a frequently used suffix for generic names in the Deltocephalinae. With clear affinities with Scaphoideus Uhler, Knight & Fletcher (2007) placed Melanetettix into the Athysanini following Nast (1972) who placed Scaphoideus into that tribe. The tribe Scaphoideini, had been created for Scaphoideus by Oman (1943) but Zahniser & Dietrich (2010) regarded that tribe as being a nomen nudum. Zahniser & Dietrich (2013) redefined the Scaphoideini and transferred a number of genera, including Melanetettix into it.





IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Qld: Cape York Peninsula (CYP), Wet Tropics (WT)


A comprehensive description of the genus was provided by Knight & Fletcher (2007). The species are all distinctively marked with transverse banding on the head and pronotum and various markings, including spots or stripes, on the tegmen. The male genitalia features a large pygofer process.


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