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Family MIRACIIDAE Dana, 1846

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31 May 2007 - G.K. Walker-Smith & K. Chilton-Lahey


Prior to 2002 the Miraciidae were a small family consisting of only four marine planktonic species (Boxshall & Halsey 2004). However, in 2000 Willen undertook a preliminary analysis of the thalestridimorph copepods and identified the miraciids as a terminal clade within the Diosaccidae. In 2002, Willen formally proposed that all genera of Miraciidae, together with the genera formally placed in the Diosaccidae, be combined under the family name Miraciidae, which has priority (Boxshall & Halsey 2004).

Currently, 11 genera and 20 species are recorded for the Australian fauna.


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See Boxshall & Halsey (2004).


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