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The Largidae are a cosmopolitan family of pentatomomorphan bugs belonging to the superfamily Pyrrhocoroidea. The family comprises 13 genera and over 106 species (Schuh & Slater 1995, Henry 2009). The Largidae of Australia are represented by two genera and four species of the subfamily Physopeltinae.

Amyot & Serville (1843) first conceived of the Largidae as a family-group. Stål (1870) recognised the group as a subfamily of Pyrrhocoridae. This arrangement has been followed by a number of subsequent authors (Hussey 1929, Schmidt 1932, Stonedahl & Dolling 1991). China (1954) accorded the group family status and proposed closer relationships with the Lygaeidae than with the Pyrrhocoridae. Most subsequent authors have accepted the Largidae as a separate family (Slater 1982; Schuh 1986; Carver et al. 1991; Schuh & Slater 1995).

Hussey (1929) established a tribal classification for the Largidae (sensu pyrrhocorid subfamily): the Western Hemisphere Largini (= Euryophthalmini) and Eastern Hemisphere Physopeltini. Bliven (1973) described the myrmecomorphic Araphinae as a new subfamily of Alydidae, for three North American genera. Henry (1988) placed this subfamily in the Largidae, dividing the family into two subfamilies: Araphinae and Larginae. Schuh & Slater (1995) disputed the validity of the Araphinae as a subfamily. Schaefer (2000 reviewed aspects of largine systematics and gave the following classification: Larginae (Araphini and Largini) and Physopeltinae. This classification is followed in the Catalogue.

Lethierry & Severin (1894) and Hussey (1929) catalogued the world fauna. Regional catalogues include: Blöte (1931—various regions), Froeschner (1981; Ecuador, 2000; Panama), Henry (1988; Nearctic Region), Kerzhner (2001a; Palaearctic region) Taxonomic works of significance include: Ahmad & Abbas (1986; Indo-Pakistan region), Brailovsky (1991; Theraneis Spinola, 1996; Araphne Herrich-Schaeffer), Schmidt (1931; monograph), Brailovsky & Mayorga (1997; Stenomacra Stål), Schaefer & Ahmad (1999; Oriental Region), Stichel (1959; Palaearctic Region) and Torre-Bueno (1941; Nearctic Region).

The Australian fauna includes four species, belonging to the genera Delacampius Blöte (2 species) and Physopelta Amyot & Serville (2 species). Little has been published on the family in Australia. Stehlik (1965) described D. lateralis (Walker) from the Solomon Islands, and this species also occurs in northern Queensland. Malipatil & Kumar (1975) described the immature stages. Kumar (1968) discussed the adult morphology of Physopelta famelica Stål. Only Physopelta australis Blöte is endemic to Australia, and is widespread across tropical Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The biology of Largidae is very poorly known. All species are thought to be phytophagous, either feeding on seeds or plant juices. Like Pyrrhocoridae, largids are either ground-dwelling or associated with the vegetative parts of forbs, shrubs and trees. Mimicry and aposematism is common in the Largidae.



Largids are moderately-sized to large insects. They are often aposematically coloured. Ocelli are absent. The antennae and labium are 4-segmented. The antennae are inserted below the midheight of the eyes. The hemelytral membrane has basal cells with seven or eight distally radiating veins. Abdominal trichobothria are present on sterna III-VII, III-VI with three each, VII with two. The abdominal sternal sutures are sometimes fused or obscure. The conjunctiva of the male aedeagus lack appendages. The female ovipositor is laciniate. (Slater 1982; Schuh & Slater 1995)


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