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The Pyrrhocoroidea is a superfamily of pentatomomorphan bugs comprising two families, Largidae and Pyrrhocoridae. Both families are found in all major zoogeographic regions of the world, including the Australian continent.

Southwood (1956) established the Pyrrhocoroidea on the basis of the close relationship of the Pyrrhocoridae and Largidae, and their intermediary position between the Lygaeoidea and Coreoidea. Scudder (1959) suggested that Largidae may have a more proximal relationship to the Lygaeidae. Schaefer (1964) supported Southwood's arrangement based mainly on an assessment of genitalic and trichobothrial characters. Kumar (1968) disputed Schaefer's conclusion that the Largidae evolved from 'pyrrhocorid-stock', pointing to the laciniate ovipositor and specialised male genitalia (elongate vesica). Štys (1967) and Štys & Kerzhner (1975) considered the pyrrhocoroids to form a distinct lineage (as 'largid line') within their broader concept of the Coreoidea.

Henry (1997) proposed Pyrrhocoroidea monophyly on the basis of enlarged eyes, lack of ocelli, keeled mesosternum, lack of inner abdominal laterotergites and fusion of abdominal sterna II to VI. Schaefer & Ahmad (2000) discussed aspects of the systematics of the Pyrrhocoroidea and supported a sister-group relationship between the Largidae and Pyrrhocoridae.


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