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Heterodontus portusjacksoni


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Bullhead Sharks, Horn Sharks, Hornsharks, Port Jackson Sharks

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The Heterodontidae comprise one genus and nine species from the western Indian Ocean and the western and eastern Pacific. Last & Stevens (1994, 2009), Compagno & Niem (1998), Compagno (2001) and Compagno et al. (2005) treated the three Australian species.

Most species occur on the continental shelf to 275 m in tropical and warm temperate regions of the world, usually in rocky areas. Horn sharks are characterised by having a strong spine before each of the two dorsal fins, and molariform teeth. They produce large spiral egg cases and feed largely on sea urchins, shrimps, prawns, molluscs and other marine invertebrates. Heterodontids reach a length of about 1.7 m.

The horn sharks (or Port Jackson sharks) were reviewed by Taylor (1972). Compagno (1984, 2001) reviewed the taxonomy and biology of the species and Reif (1976) discussed tooth morphology and development.

Fossils are known from Europe.


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