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<I>Anchialina typica</I>

Anchialina typica


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Subfamily Gastrosaccinae Norman, 1892


The subfamily Gastrosaccinae comprises eight genera with about 96 species (Price et al. 2001). Five genera and 31 species, mainly in the genus Haplostylus, are known from Australian waters. Müller (1993) and Price et al. (2001) catalogued the family.



Rostrum obtuse or broadly rounded. Eyes reduced (flattened to one or two leaf-like forms). Mandible lacinia mobilis reduced or absent (lacinia mobilis on left and right mandible absent), spine row reduced to a single spine. 1st maxilliped exopod absent. 2nd thoracopod developed as a maxilliped, exopod absent (as in Petalophthalmus) or well developed (as in Hansenomysis). Marsupium composed of seven pairs of oostegites. Uropod endopod statocyst absent; exopod with distal articulation, outer margin entire (as in Petalophthalmus) or outer margin with slender and robust setae (as in Hansenomysis). (Generated from Meland 2002)


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