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Nurse Sharks

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The Ginglymostomatidae comprise three monotypic genera. Ginglymostoma is restricted to the eastern and western Atlantic; the genus has been widely used for the Indo-Pacific species now placed in Nebrius. The third genus, Pseudoginglymostoma, is confined to the western Indian Ocean (Compagno et al. 2005). The single Australian species, Nebrius ferrugineus, is treated by Last & Stevens (1994, 2009).

All species have barbers before the mouth and some have tentacular structures on other parts of the body. They occur in coastal environments to depths of 70 m. Maximum size is 3 m.

This family was separated from the Orectolobidae by Compagno (1973, 1984, 2001). Dinkerkus (1986) placed the group in the Rhincodontidae, but this arrangement is not followed here.


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