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<em>Chaceon bicolor</em> [P. Davie 2002: 187]

Chaceon bicolor [P. Davie 2002: 187]


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Family GERYONIDAE Colosi, 1923

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May 2012 - Peter Davie, Queensland Museum, Brisbane


Geryonids are mostly large deep-sea crabs found in depths below 100 metres. They occur in all oceans. The first Australian species, Chaceon bicolor, was described only in 1989, following the increasing exploration of deep water faunas around Australia. Because of its large size, C. bicolor is of potential economic interest, although it is still only taken occasionally by bottom trawls. Chaceon bicolor seems to be restricted to the Coral Sea; specimens being fished under that name from north-western Australia, and marketed as 'Snow Crabs', were described as a new species, Chaceon albus by Davie, Ng & Yaldwyn, 2007). The most useful taxonomic work is that of Manning & Holthuis (1989).

Platypilumnus, with the single Australian representative, P. soelae Garth, 1997, has typically been included in the Geryonidae, but its systematic position has been debated in recent years (see Richer de Forges 1996; Ng & Chan 1997). It was formally moved into the Carcinoplacinae of the Goneplacidae by Ng et al. (2001), an action with which I concur.



Carapace hexagonal; dorsal surface smooth to granular; anterolateral margins convex, armed with three to five low, sometimes indistinct teeth. Chelipeds unequal; merus with subdistal spine; carpus with strong inner spine. Walking legs with long, pointed dactyli; dactyli T-shaped in cross-section. Male abdomen with all segments appearing distinct, but segments 3–5 fused and immovable. Male genital openings coxal; female openings sternal. (After Ng 1998).


General References

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