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Family GEOGARYPIDAE Chamberlin, 1930

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Mark S. Harvey, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


The Geogarypidae were elevated to family level by Harvey (1986), and were placed as the sister-group to the remaining Garypoidea by Harvey (1992). Three genera and 64 species are recognised in the family (Harvey 1991), but only five Geogarypus species were recorded in a recent revision of the Australian fauna (Harvey 1986). However, additional species have since been recognised in museum collections (Harvey, in press and unpublished data).



Members of the Geogarypidae can be distinguished from other garypoids by the presence of only a single, aspinose blade in the cheliceral flagellum, and by the presence of pit-like structures on the external margin of the fixed chelal finger.


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