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<em>Galathea australiensis</em> [from Grant & McCulloch 1906: pl. 4 fig. 1]

Galathea australiensis [from Grant & McCulloch 1906: pl. 4 fig. 1]


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Family GALATHEIDAE Samouelle, 1819


Galatheids are commonly known as Squat Lobsters, Craylets, and Lobster Krill. They are mostly relatively small and inconspicuous, although some can be spectacularly coloured, especially those living commensally on brightly coloured invertebrates. One of the most common and distinctive species is Allogalathea elegans (Adams & White), which lives camouflaged amongst the arms of feather stars (crinoids). Squat Lobsters are a significant component of the benthic fauna of coral reefs, free-living species often reaching large numbers on living and dead coral clumps. Other species are found in deeper waters of the continental slope, exceeding 500 metres in depth.

The Australian fauna has been relatively poorly studied, with the most important works being those of Grant & McCulloch (1906), Haig (1973) and Baba (1986, 1994).

The Galatheidae did not recover as monophyletic in the morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyses of Rodríguez-Flores et al. (2022).



Body depressed, symmetrical, more or less longitudinally ovate (somewhat shrimp-like); rostrum distinct, usually well developed and prominent, variable in form; eyes well developed, ocular acicles absent; epistome unarmed. Abdomen bent upon itself but not folded against thorax; third to fifth pleopods paired; male gonopods usually present but first gonopod often absent, female first pleopods absent; telson without a transverse fissure, divided into two or more smaller plates; uropods spatulate; tailfan not folded beneath preceding abdominal somites. First pereiopods chelate, greatly elongated, slender; fourth pereiopod ambulatory. Antennal peduncle 4-segmented; antennal scale lacking. Sternal plate of last thoracic somite well developed, but free from preceding one.


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